April 28, 2020

A bar tender named Charlie from New York told me over the phone around 2013, that he had suffered from Lyme disease and was getting very tired. That would have been around about 2003. After hesitating to take it, and waiting about three months, he took the few drops in the bottle. He just had to use it. He felt he had nothing to loose. He was was so desperate, as his symptoms were getting worse, and he was tired all the time. He then told me, his health rapidly improved. His Mother, who was 85 at the time, was in the hospital with a flesh eating disease, and was not expected to live, so he gave her the manna he had left. In three days she was out of the hospital. Then he said, she is now 95 and touring Europe. 


Skin Rash

April 28, 2020

About 7 years ago I spoke with a customer over the phone. He suffered from a skin rash. He told me he spent almost $200,000.00 on creams, ointments, and doctor visits. All the while, getting no relief. So he decided to try Manna and after just a few sachet, his skin rash cleared up. Even though I knew how effective Manna was, I was still amazed.


John's Manna Experience

April 7, 2020
         My name is John and I have been a customer for several years now. I have taken manna sachets annually (7 stretched out over 3 weeks annually) and have reaped incredible rewards. Prior to my using the peptides, i would get sick with chest infections, colds, the flu, etc at a minimum 4-6 times a year. After using manna sachet i get sick MAYBE once a year, and usually it signals that its been a year (almost to the date) since i used the sachets. Recently due to financial constraints and moving parts in my life, i have been off of the peptides for almost 2 years. I noticed the effects immediately. I was sick 3-4 times in the last 9 months, unheard of when i was using the sachets. I have just received my 7-pack and am excited to get healthy again.

Jim Giving Thanks! ~ Thanks Jim!

March 29, 2020
Just want to thank for what you do for us all. even the helpful hints in the letters you send with it. Xylitol for instance and have saved me twice now..let alone many other benefits.true affordable medicine!! how unreal in this world. with love and respect Jim

Still Here!

March 23, 2020
Thank You , I did use  Your product many years Ago And Did a search online and finally found your website again, So Happy that you are still Helping People!
Thanks Again
John R.

Happy Camper! ~ It works!

February 29, 2020
Nick E. <nicke@>


I will be ordering the manna sachet.  I've ordered it in the past and
taken it more than a dozen times and it's worked for everything. 
I very much appreciate your timely emails.


Thank You Franco!

February 29, 2020
Franco B. 

Wow thanks, I really would love some protocols and information i can follow to shield myself and family as much as possible!! WHEN real people speak, I pay attention! I actually am  extremely grateful to you for all the good you do for the world and me.


Peptides fight Virus!

February 3, 2020
OncoGen researchers propose a novel approach for producing epitope-based peptide vaccine candidates for the novel China coronavirus (nCoV).


New Super Antibiotic Accidentally Found In Crocodiles

February 3, 2020
A BBC television producer working in Australia has stumbled on a substance that can kill bacteria immune to standard antibiotics.
The BBC's director-general Greg Dyke says the discovery was made during the filming of saltwater crocodiles in northern Australia for a science documentary.
He says the producer noticed that despite the horrendous injuries crocodiles inflict on each other, their wounds rarely get infected.
The documentary team got a blood sample from a croc and researchers have since isolated what they have termed a novel anti-microbial peptide.
Mr Dyke says tests have found the substance kills strains of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics.
The substance has been named Crocodillin.
Croc Blood Battles Superbugs 3-17-00
Scientists in the United States have isolated a powerful agent in crocodile blood which could help conquer human infections immune to standard antibiotics.
The discovery was made thanks to the curiosity of a BBC science producer filming a documentary on salt-water crocodiles in Australia, BBC Director-General Greg Dyke revealed on Thursday.
"Our producer noticed something that surprised her - despite the horrendous injuries the crocs inflict on each other, their wounds rarely get infected," he told the annual dinner of the Science Museum in London.
"She discussed this with a young croc expert who agreed that it would be interesting to try to find out why.
"After many adventures, they got their blood samples and last week a leading research institute isolated from these samples what I'm told is a novel anti-microbial peptide.
Bacteria 'blown away'
"In tests, this substance kills strains of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics," Mr Dyke said.
Named crocodillin, it may one day be used in drugs to treat human infections.
The BBC chief used the story to illustrate the active part the corporation took in the development and understanding of science, and to reaffirm its commitment to coverage of the subject.
The producer at the centre of the discovery, Jill Fullerton-Smith of the Living Proof series on BBC1, said natural antibiotics had been found in various animals, including frogs, but nobody had looked at reptiles.
She told The Times newspaper that scientists at New Jersey Medical School had split a sample of crocodile blood she had sent them into component parts which had then been tested against common bacteria.
"One of them blew away the bacteria," she was quoted as saying.
A peptide is a natural chemical made of amino acids strung together that can destroy bacteria by penetrating their membranes.
Such natural antibiotics do not damage normal cells which means they can be useful as drugs to treat human infections.


Does Manna Prevent Hair Loss?

January 5, 2020
We received word from a Manna user, that a woman who had cancer and took Chemo in 2015, did not loose her hair, by using Manna before and after treatment. Should someone you know, taking Manna, experience a similar result, would you please share this news with us and any other encouraging results.

Brewster 13 1/2 yr. old mastiff

July 21, 2017
Update on my 131/2 yr. old mastiff that was diagnosed with stomach cancer on March 7, 2017. Started double dosing him [ Brewster] the following day with the manna that I had in reserve at home. The 3rd day after giving him the manna, the coughing, gagging and vomiting stopped. His progress has been AMAZING!  Changed his diet to home cooked meals using only fresh natural and organic meats, veggies and fruits, plus distilled water for drinking. supplemented his diet with vitamins, minerals, crystallized vitamin c, and Re Juv a wafers all made for dogs. Brewster just continued to improve each day . Continued this regime for 4 months now. Took him back to the vet on July 3rd  because I wanted to have more blood work and x-rays of his lungs, abdomen, liver taken. I just knew in my heart that he was well. When all tests were finished, the vet could not explain what happened, but told us that Brewster DID NOT have cancer anymore and said whatever you are doing for him to keep it up. Your thoughts Thomas? Thank You for always being there. I am going to continue giving Brewster the manna, but cutting back to 1 manna sachet a week for a few months, just to be safe and keep it in his system. ________________Sandy

Anna's Testimony

April 23, 2017

Dear Mr. Thomas,

We got the results for the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viral load counts:

Hepatitis B 207 000 copies/ml
Hepatitis C - not detected
however there was a large viral load of Hepatitis C the last time the test was done. This means that the peptide worked? After all Kevin Trudeau's book listed the crocodile protein peptide as a cure for Hepatitis C and did not claim anything for B - however I cannot say how grateful I am - and we have only used one sachet thus far! God bless you for this miracle! We will keep trying with more sachets for the B virus.

You can use this as a testimony

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