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How could a crocodile with horrific injuries heal in bacteria-filled water without the benefit of antibiotics? Why did they not succumb to infection? While making a TV documentary, a team of researchers made a remarkable discovery. 


                          Now available! ~ Anti-microbial peptides! ~ Manna Gold Sachet

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1 Manna Gold Sachet

$ 39.95 USD

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3 Manna Gold Sachet

$ 119.00 USD


Manna Gold Sachet

4 Manna Gold Sachet ~ Express

$ 158.00 USD

7 Manna Gold Sachet ~ Express

$ 276.50 USD

14 Manna Gold Sachet ~ Express

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21 Manna Gold Sachet ~ Express

$ 829.50 USD

   The new "Sachet" formula is 4 times stronger than original "Liquid Manna Gold"


Right from the start I had a sense that Manna Sachet was for real. The testimonials said volumes but when I personally experienced the clarity of mind and increase in energy, I knew there was more to it than what had been revealed.                                              
When the stress of viral loads leaves the body, one becomes happier and thinks clearer, energy levels go up and ones sense, of being able to accomplish ones goals, is heightened. This is what Manna Sachet is about. Yet there is more.

My wife had a cold neck for years and would often go around with a scarf on her neck to keep it warm. Four days after taking a Manna Sachet the cold neck was gone. What happened? I don't know for sure, but it seems as though her circulation has improved.


My daughters mother in law took a Manna Sachet just after she got the flu. She recovered quickly and on the fourth day went back to work. She told me that day, that she thought she would be really tired but instead she had lots of energy.             


A friend of my daughter had had a migraine headache for months. Many tests were done, but none revealed the problem. The day after taking the Manna Sachet the headache was almost gone. In a few days it was completely gone. His only complaint was that he felt like he wanted to sleep in in the morning. Coming from a workaholic that is to be expected. 

If sharing your thoughts and experiences with others is important to you and carrying on intelligent conversations with friends and family is meaningful, then Manna Sachet is a must. If you have been experiencing brain fog and having trouble putting words together look no further. The solution to your problems could be only one cup of Manna Gold Sachet Tea away.


The developers say that Manna Gold Sachet is a combination of two peptides that upon entering the body are increased from 10 million anti-microbial proteins to 500 million anti-microbial proteins in just two days, due to a catalytic reaction.

Within days after discovering Manna Sachet I read an article by a Doctor, that said, Vitamin D3 stimulated anti-microbial proteins and that is why hospitals regularly give 6,000 units per day to patients with the flu.

Instead of taking 42 pills a week for weeks one can just take one cup of Manna Gold Sachet. I hope this encourages you to give it a try. I did and its the best thing I've done for myself, in years.


Taking care of ones self makes one less of a burden on others.  Wisdom, knowledge, truth and health, help us to help one another.

May we all be in health and prosper.

Thomas                                                                               ~~~                                                   

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         THE NEW APPLICATION          

On the 1st of December 2007 the company started a new product developed from The Antidote which NOTICE was listed at 

A notice was posted on this website on the 1st. of November 2007 enlightening customers of this changeover from 5ml. bottles to an encapsulated dried lint version 4 times stronger which has been developed over the last 7 years.

However, may we explain the following to assist you, to understand more deeply, concerning the encapsulated dried lint version. The encapsulated sealed lint is only a vehicle that carries the properties of the dried anti microbial peptides within it.

The simple method of activating and releasing the dried anti microbial peptides, is by way of immersing into boiling water, up to one third of a cupful, then allowing the water to cool, for 15 minutes, so that it may be taken orally and thereby, induce the anti microbial peptides into the body, to kill off viruses and bacteria resident within your body.

This then allows clean healthy cells, to be regenerated by the body, replacing the old corrupt cells, killed off by the anti microbial peptides, as well as the properties, stimulating your body enzymes and enhancing their longer production of proteins, increasing ones life cycle.

 Westy! ~~~  Still a great Friend.